We invest up to US$10 mln. per deal in the digital world globally. Quick and effective due diligence is based on recognised professional experience of the international investment team.

Our pioneer fund, iTech Fund I, LP was established in Y2011 and is supported by iTech Advisors Limited investment team which provides advisory and supervisory services over its assets to the Fund.

Our portfolio is comprised of equity injections in IT companies operating in Central and Eastern Europe, Asia and USA.

We know how to make money and we are ready to share the knowledge with our partners.

iTech global investment strategy lies in the following sectors:

Online advertising technologies: online marketing platforms and tools for website promotion, context advertising and real-time bidding
TMT (Technology, Media and Telecommunications): software, software-on-demand solution providers, e-gaming and e-entertainment, IT outsourcing
E-commerce, e-processing and e-banking 
New Media: infoweb portals, social networks, e-advertising channels

Our global investment focus is on growing companies developed to a cash-generating stage. Our typical investment size is within the range of US$ 1 to 10 mln, whereas US$ 10 mln. is a cap per one company. Generally the requirements we seek are:

Highly scalable and profitable business concept, proven in Western or Asian markets
Clear competitive advantages and market leadership potential
Internationalization capabilities and export-attractive technologies
Legal and financial transparency
Breakeven or cash positive
Young and professional founders deeply involved in day-to-day operations
Clear exit strategy



The Blockchain Summit, held on British billionaire Sir Richard Branson’s private Caribbean island, is hosted by the Bitfury group and Bill Tai. Credit China Fintech is also listed as providing special support.

EXONUM: Your next step to blockchain!

The Bitfury Group при поддержке ВЭБ и Сколково проводит открытую встречу с разработчиками и техническими специалистами блокчейн. Мероприятие приурочено к выходу Exonum — новой open source платформы для создания блокчейн-решений. На встрече будут рассмотрены технические особенности платформы, примеры практического использования технологии и показана наглядная демонстрация создания криптовалюты.

Биткоин: с чего начинать

Сегодня о криптовалютах, в частности, о биткоинах говорят не только гики или люди, непосредственно связанные с технологиями, но и рядовые пользователи интернета. Многим хочется приобщиться к гениальному изобретению одного японского программиста (хотя достоверно создатель Bitcoin неизвестен), а еще лучше – на этом заработать. Если вспомнить не такую далекую историю этой криптовалюты, то первый курс биткоина (BTC) к доллару США, установленный New Liberty Standard 5 октября 2009 года, был равен 0,0007 USD и вырос с тех пор в 4 000 000 раз. Впечатляет. Тем не менее у большинства людей, не связанных с этой отраслью, остается много открытых вопросов или просто не хватает информации, чтобы биткоины стали частью вашей персональной финансовой системы.

Alexey Solovyov joined iTech Capital

Alexey Solovyov, who had been managing the venture fund Prostor Capital for more than five years, joined iTech Capital team as a Partner and Managing Director. His responsibilities will include supervising and managing the Moscow office operations, as well as managing the new private-public fund Skolkovo IT Fund. A part of Prostor Capital GP staff will also join iTech team, and the fund will be managed by iTech Capital.

TradingView Expands Partnership with GAIN Capital, Integrating Terminal

The expansion will see the integration of TradingView's terminal, trading tools, and access from over 1.5M users.
TradingView has unveiled a newly expanded partnership with and its parent group GAIN Capital Holdings, enabling traders to fully utilize its trading terminal and other suite of tools, according to a company statement.

TradingView adds Singapore Stock Exchange intraday data, new forex cross rate widget

TradingView, the online charting tools developer and social trading platform announced it is adding intraday data from the Singapore Stock Exchange and has released a new customizable Forex Cross Rates Widget.
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